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2014/07/26 01:01:54

Dear customer

Starting on May 5th until the end of June 2014, we will switch all customers over to the new portal.

Your advantages:

  • Intuitive design

  • Easier of use

  • Fast navigation to the desired information

If you want to continue using the old portal, you will be able to select this in your settings during the transitioning period.

After July 2014, only the new YourGLS portal will be available.

We help you out


General Information

When using forms within the GLS Internet Portal there are some important things to keep in mind:

Command buttons are always between the functions' headline and the input fields. Use the "OK" button to confirm your entries. Yellow fields are mandatory, so please fill in at least these fields. Blue coloured fields are for searching and white fields are optional. For further help a detailed "User Manual" of each screen can be downloaded on the right bottom of the respective functional screen.


Any question regarding our web portal?

Please call us:
+49 6677 646 907050


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